Neanderthals Were Not Human


Neanderthals were not human. Were wild hominids, apes and had twice bigger skulls than ours. 

For the dubious theory ascribed humanity, thinking and speech for Neanderthals, anthropology looking for evidence – as can not find, creates a mystifications and hoaxes – like composite tools, stone spearheads, clothing, bone flutes, and huts of mammoth bones.
























Comparison of modern human, human ancestor and Neanderthal skull.




MYSTIFICATION. The abnormal comparison of Neanderthal head with a head of a modern human. 




Prof Chris Stringer and other anthropologists falsifies neanderthals. ¾ Neanderthals looked extremely different to humans. Had enormous elongated monkey mid-faces, heavy brow ridges, receding foreheads and had twice bigger heads than ours. (See it on film Discovery). Neanderthals are not the ancestors of Homo sapiens. Lived on an instinctive level. 2). Encyclopædia Britannica publishes shamelessly manipulated image of the profile of Neanderthal with a human, short and flat face. Credit Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.





Neanderthals were not human. Were hominid, apes and had twice bigger skulls than ours.





The Normal Comparison of Neanderthal skull / head with a skull / head of a modern human. Professor Chris Stringer Distorting Human Evolution. Neanderthals had more than twice bigger skulls than our skulls. But Professor Chris Stringer says untruth: "Neanderthals looked extremely similar to humans but did not have chins. If you shaved and dressed a Neanderthal and put them on the New York subway, no one would be able to tell the difference between us and them”, said Prof Stringer, head of human origins at the Natural History Museum in London.





National Geographic publishes a distorted comparison of the skull of Neanderthal and modern human. 





The skull (in Svante Pääbo hand, Nobel Prize in Physiology), is two times smaller than original skull. Have been shrink to fit doubtful “out of Africa” theory. This is nothing less than a hoax, to distort reality in that way.   





Neanderthals were not human, were hominid, apes and had twice bigger skulls than ours.  





Dagger hominids killed the Neanderthals. ---





Homo Sapiens, Dagger hominid, Neanderthal. Neanderthal skull is more than two times bigger than modern human skull.  ---





Neanderthal Skeleton: This is a full life-size model of a Neanderthal skeleton, produced for The Natural History Museum, London in 2000. This is believed to be the first full Neanderthal skeleton model anywhere in the world. 




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  • Blingortum (Sunday, September 21 14 07:34 pm EDT)

    I never heard that neanderthal skulls were 2 times as large. They were only as large or larger but you are giving weird numbers.

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